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southern california elevator Residential Home Elevators in California

Residential Home Elevators

You may be worried that an in home elevator will just take up too much space. SunCoast Elevator Company has the perfect solution. Machine Room Free elevators represent the latest technical advancements available for installation in your Southern California home. These home elevators allow you to reclaim valuable floor space, once hoarded by older elevator technology, and put it to better use.

Machine Room Free lift technology is also environmentally friendly. With technical advancements the Machine Room Free elevator allows you to reclaim your valuable floor space for better use. Energy is saved by utilizing Variable Frequency AC technology in conjunction with counterbalancing. Further, the elevators don't use any contaminating oil products so you never have to worry about the eventuality of leaks, unstable hydraulic valve operation, or frequent releveling.

Residential Elevator Features

We offer Southern California residences many home elevator features considered optional upgrades by other companies, but included by our company as part of our standard package. To name a few, we include as standard:

  • Floor selectable emergency lowering
  • Self diagnostic display
  • Automatic homing
  • Floor position indicators
  • Two MR16 down lights
  • Gradual acceleration speed

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