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Wheel Chair Elevator Lifts

Often existing structures do not have adequate space to accommodate a commercial elevator. Also, short floors with little vertical rise may preclude the feasibility of elevator installation. In these situations the solution to barrier free access may be a stair climber or wheelchair lift like the CARRIER Inclined Platform Lift, or the PORCH LIFT Vertical Platform Lift. The wheelchair lifts offered by SunCoast Elevator meet ADA compliance requirements so you can be confident a handicap won't get in the way of using your stairway.

The CARRIER Inclined Platform Lift is designed to transport wheelchairs and occupants using your existing stairway.

The CARRIER Lift is capable of turning corners for continuous travel from one landing to the next.

The PORCH LIFT Vertical Platform Lift is designed to transport wheel chairs and handicap occupants vertically from one landing to the next. For further detail, brochures, planning guides and specifications, click on ARCHITECT CENTER.

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